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We're a group of professionals with wide range of networks and extensive experience in Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors. Aim at providing high quality professional recruitment services for employers and  job seekers.​


Joe Choi - Managing Director

Joe Choi established this company in 2010 with a group of professional recruitment specialists. Over the past years, Joe has led the company to grow and expand significantly in the recruitment market specializing in Banking & Finance, Insurance and Information & Technology sectors. In the recruitment career spanning over 20 years, Joe has extensive networks across banking & finance sectors and gained the trust of his clients and eventually becoming partners in a long term business relationship. He establishes professional recruitment teams for serving dedicated sectors and driving each sector’s business growth. He also is the expertise in the recruitment of Executive & Director and Human Resources division. 

Joe graduated from the Griffith University Australia with a BBA degree.


Steven Lau - Managing Director, Investment Banking

Steven Lau is Managing Director for Investment Banking, he is focusing on Senior Executive recruitment including SFC Principle & Responsible Officer, Equities Capital Market & Debt Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Director Investment and Securities & Brokerage.

Steven is a vast experienced senior executive with in-depth and solid experience in investment banking sector. Prior joining Conners Consulting, he worked as senior management in Daiwa Securities, ICBC International, Citi Securities and CMB International. Through the course of his over 20 years’ career, he gained wide range of experience and networks across the investment disciplines which enable him to be successful in all levels professionals’ recruitment.

Steven graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a BBA degree.


Eppie Lee - Managing Director, Banking & Financial Services

Eppie Lee is Managing Director for Banking and Financial Services, she is responsible for taking care the Insurance, Quality Assurance, Risk & Compliance, Sales Management and Risk & Control in Banking and Finance sectors.

Eppie has over 15 years of experience in servicing in banking and finance as well as Pension sectors. Her background of working experience in CCB Asia (former Bank of America), HSBC, Bank of China, BCT and Principal helps her providing remarkable services for a wide of range of clients which also accelerate in expanding the market share in the region.


Winnie Lai - Managing Director, Banking & Financial Services

Winnie Lai is Managing Director for Banking and Financial Services, she is an all-round risk specialist covering Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Product Control and Treasury Function.

Winnie is a proactive and positive-mind team leader with over 15 years’ experience in banking industry. She worked in ICBC Bank (Asia) and Mizuho Bank in the past and during the time, she gained solid and valued experience in Risk Management and which greatly helps her in providing all-round professional recruitment solutions for demanding market needs.

She holds a Master degree of Finance from the University of Hong Kong, with FRM qualified.


Ernest Wu - Director, Information Technology

Ernest Wu is Director for Information Technology in Conners Consulting and is managing the team for FinTech, Digital Banking, Infrastructure & Networking, System Development & Design, Project Management and Business Analyst.


Spanning over 20 years in his career in Banking and Finance industry, Ernest worked for JP Morgan, Bank of Boston and Bank of Hawaii where he gained experience and overseeing the evolutions of technology in the applications in the finance sector. He is specialized in placing technical talents and professionals for fitting the requirements and skill sets from client’s needs. His strong sense of technology trend, enable him to lead the team keeping the competitiveness in the dynamic market.


Travis Poon - Recruitment Manager, Commercial & Corporate 

Travis Poon is the Team Head for Commercial Team in Conners Consulting and specializing in the recruitment for commercial sector including List Companies, Government-subvented Bodies and Quangos.

Travis has extensive domain knowledge and networks across the commercial sector which enable him to be trusted by the clients and the candidates. He has extensive experience working in commercial sector with sales and marketing function. This renders him possessing strong relationships with clients and knowing their needs.

Travis graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BBA degree.

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